Investment and retirement planning services now offered through McGarry Retirement Advisory Group!

ACU has seen the need to offer our members the chance to do retirement planning with an experienced and trusted advisor.

  • What kind of services are offered?
    • Build & monitor a “Personalized Family Plan”
      • Retirement income planning
      • Social security planning
      • Survivor income planning
      • Long-term care planning
    • Investment management
    • Estate and beneficiary review
    • Local business retirement plans
    Medicare Planning:

    We’ve partnered with McGarry Retirement Advisory Group and Retirement Healthcare Solutions LLC to offer our members an array of financial planning services including, Medicare planning. An Independent Agent with Retirement Healthcare Solutions will help you make informed Medicare decisions and get properly enrolled.

    In a brief, no cost one-on-one Medicare meeting at our credit union you will have the opportunity to:

    • Meet with Justin Wight, principal agent at Retirement Healthcare Solutions LLC
    • Receive simplified education on what Medicare part A and B is and how it will affect you
    • Know which Medicare health plans and drug plans are available to you
    • Understand when the best time will be to get enrolled in Medicare and its associated plans and how to do that

    For more immediate assistance or questions regarding Medicare please call  Justin Wight at 801-721-9806.


  • Who can use these services?

    Any ACU member has access to these services, but they are best utilized by members that are:

    • Going to retire soon
    • Want to meet with a retirement planner
    • Already retired and need a second opinion on your retirement plan
    • Want to put long-term money into investments
    • Or interest in rolling over a retirement plan from a previous employer to an IRA


How It Helps You

How It Works

Save Money  Saves Money

You can meet with a trusted advisor for free

Convenience  Convenient

The advisor will meet with you at any ACU branch

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

The advisor will help to provide you with a personalized retirement plan that can be easily tracked and monitored by a professional throughout your retirement

McGarry Retirement Advisory Group can meet with you personally at any ACU branch. Meetings are by appointment only. Fill out the form below to request an appointment.


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