Get your financial bearings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plan your budgeting at one online location? Or find out whether your savings goals are being met? Maybe, easily check on your credit card activity right now?

We can help you do so by providing your own personal financial dashboard. All your accounts—credit and debit cards, loans, 401K, goal-based savings, and more—can be seen to help you in assessing and planning for your immediate or long-term needs. Plus, you can do so securely and easily from your desktop or mobile phone.

Take advantage of this simple way to interact with your finances. You’ll gain all the information you need to handle your finances, integrated right into your everyday banking activities. Assess your personal finances in a variety of ways, too, such as budgets, spending, net worth, debts, and trends.

Get Started

  • Follow these easy steps to get started with our Financial Manager
    1. If you are using a computer, click on any of the widgets across the top of the account list inside online banking. If you are using the mobile app, the widgets are located at the bottom of the account list.
    2. The User Agreement form will open up. Read through the document and click I Agree.
    3. Start linking your accounts.



How it Helps You

How It Works

Save Money  Saves Money

This is a free service

Convenience  Convenient

Allows you to link all of your accounts, even from other institutions, to view in one place

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

Allows you to see what cash is available to safely spend on a daily basis

Additional Features



Displays all the existing categories of spending for the time period displayed. The widget allows members to interact with the transaction list to modify categorization for accuracy and personal preference. All updates made in the widgets are shadowed back to Account Details in online/mobile banking as well.



Offers two options for generating a new budget: system-generated and member-created. The system-generated budget is based on the member’s past few months of data; the more complete and accurate the categorization is when the budget is generated, the more accurate the results will be. Alternatively, the member can manually create specific budget line items that the member wishes to track.
Once generated, these budget categories are presented to the user in a visual representation. From the category view, the member can then drill into a sub-category and down to the list of transactions to view or update the data.



Provides an overview of spending trends over a period. This is especially useful if a member is tracking a category of spending, such as eating out, and wants a high-level view of the impact of their efforts.


Cash Flow

Displays the movement of funds in and out of the member’s various accounts helping the member project their financial standing.


Net Worth

Displays the member’s accounts available, either accounts with Ascent CU or those the member has aggregated into their view from other institutions. This provides members another view into their finances and their financial health.



Presents members their list of liabilities available in the system in one central view. Within the widget, the system uses the information available to calculate the payoff date of all liability accounts. It also allows members to modify their payment plan between popular debt management strategies such as highest interest rate, lowest balance, etc. and to indicate an additional monthly payment amount to see the effect it will have on the timeline of being debt free.

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