Little moments become big when you don't have to worry about your finances.

Money can be a giant source of stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at ACU, we work to empower our members to be able to manage their money easily, quickly and most importantly, without stress. When you aren’t worrying about your finances, you get to enjoy life more. That’s why we are here.

What Makes ACU Different?

  • Helpful

    Whether it’s providing great customer service at one of our branches, allowing for easy access to our members’ accounts through our mobile app, offering guidance in making important financial decisions or anything in between – we are here to be helpful at every turn.

  • Approachable

    No matter what walk of life they come from or what their financial situation looks like, everyone is welcome here. There’s no judgement and no exclusion allowed – just acceptance and help with our members’ financial goals, whatever they may be.

  • Dependable

    We pride ourselves on providing great, affordable products and expert financial guidance that enable our members to reach their financial goals – with a focus on being here for the long haul. The care and commitment we put into everything we do makes us a trusted resource our members can count on now and for decades to come.

  • Trustworthy

    Our members trust us to guide them forward financially. Doing this requires us to stay up to date on the latest developments in the industry and to continually educate ourselves on financial issues – all while maintaining transparency and passing along our knowledge to our members in the best way for them to understand.

  • Compassionate

    We are dedicated to enriching the lives of those who live in our communities by supporting dozens of local non-profits groups whose cause aligns with our goal to provide opportunities for everyone to help better themselves – not just our members. A strong community is the foundation of success, and we are here to support that in every way that we can.

Kenny Boothe
Great Rates and easy to work with. I use them for almost all of my loans.
Cody Larsen
Justin Shaw, Jenn Cheever & Zach Haugen in the mortgage loan department MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! If you are looking for a primary or investment loan these three people will help mitigate an experience that many find frustrating with a one on one experience that always leaves you with plenty of step by step communication and patience. Justin, Jenn and Zach go over board to explain the process, next steps, & timelines. They always answer there direct phones or emails immediately. If you are looking for a new mortgage you will want these three people helping you guide you through the loan process. They gave me the feeling that they were invested just not in the "work" process but genuinely overall invested in my personal loan experience with Ascent Credit Union. Employees such as Justin, Jenn and Zach can either propell a business strongly towards success in the future or they can do the opposite and become an albatross drowning a company with repeated failures eventually sinking a thriving company. To any supervision reading this please recognize these employees for an above and beyond experience and if your a customer please ask for any of these employees for any of your mortgage loan needs you won't be disappointed. Thanks Cody & JoAnna L.
McKenzi Denson
Great to work with and wants you to succeed and achieve your goals!
Mike Thorn
I've been with this credit union for a very long time, I'd say at least 20 years. They accepted me when other places wouldn't because I didn't already have a relative there or some other reason. I had just moved to Utah, and wanted to deposit 800.00 to establish my self with a financial institute. Have I been charged over limit fees yes,but that was my fault, so instead of blame them I took care of it. Through the years they've saved me a few of those fees when they didn't have to. Recently I was laying the hospital back and forth between critical care, and intermediate care and the state of Utah tried to put a lean against me saying I hadn't paid my bill, I called the credit union from the bank they checked my history for me, and with the wonderful associate at the credit union she battled with the state on my behalf, she's like I have a record of each transaction right in front of me when it was sent and when you guys cashed it. Cone to find out 3 hours later , she called me back and said the state had been putting it in the wrong account. That's just one of many times this growing Credit Union has had my back, and treated me like family, and not just an account or some number. Thank You
Eric Lanier
I've had NOTHING but positive interactions with Ascent these guys are the best !
Justin Shaw helped us through what was was my first time buying a home. I was a nervous wreck, and Justin’s patience and manner of communication made it so much easier than I thought it would be. I recommend Justin and Ascent Credit Union Ogden to anyone looking for a first time mortgage 💸 A great experience, so far.

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