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Owning a car is a big responsibility, and you want to make sure you protect your investment with regular oil changes, tire rotations, etc. But what happens if your car gets totaled in an accident or even gets stolen and never recovered? Let us help ease your worry. We offer GAP, which is an insurance plan to help in that very situation.

FAQs About GAP Advantage Insurance


How It Helps You

How It Works

Save Money  Saves Money

Eliminates or reduces out of pocket expenses for the remaining loan balance after loss settlement

Save Money  Saves Money

Provides up to $2,500 on your replacement car purchase when financed through us

Save Money  Saves Money

Allows a loan term to be extended by 6 months (cannot exceed 84 months) without increasing the interest rate

Save Time  Saves Time

Allows you to purchase a replacement vehicle sooner because there is little or no carry-over balance

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

The balance of your loan is covered in the case of an accidental total loss or theft

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