Supervisory Committee Volunteers

Ascent Credit Union is looking for volunteers to serve on the Supervisory Committee to ensure ongoing reviews and audits to make sure that credit union records are maintained properly, honestly, and accurately; that policies established by law and by the board of directors are carried out faithfully; and that members’ assets are safeguarded and used according to the purposes of the credit union. The Supervisory Committee is the credit union’s audit committee – a kind of “watchdog” for the members.

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    What Service on the Committee Offers:

    • An opportunity to build your career Build a healthy network of professionals and hone important leadership,
      communication, and analytic skills. This is a great way to get professional involvement if you are interested in
      understanding and applying financial knowledge. Ongoing training, onsite and conferences, is covered by the credit union.
    • An opportunity to be involved Gain a deeper understanding of enterprise financial management. Be exposed to important
      issues, interesting projects, and courageous conversations.
    • Ability to make an impact in your community Volunteer positions help foster member services of the credit union. Be
      involved in protecting deposited funds. Ensure the average individual as well as the underbanked have access to the
      financial system.

    How You’ll Contribute:

    • Engage the services of auditors to perform the annual audit of the credit union’s records and operations, including a
      verification of member loan and share accounts.
    • Work with credit union leaders to verify internal controls and ensure the credit union is in full compliance with all relevant
      laws and regulations.
    • Oversee the inspection of securities, cash, and accounts of the credit union.
    • Review credit union operations and monitor overall financial condition on an ongoing basis.
    • Review the actions of the board of directors, officers, and committees to make sure that they exercise firm control over the
      credit union’s affairs, they understand their role, and they promote the credit union for its intended purposes.

    What You’ll Bring:

    • Membership in the credit union. To be eligible to serve on the committee, you must be a member – current or new.
    • Enthusiasm for protecting the credit union and its’ members and dedication to the mission of the credit union, “Inspiring
      upward financial success.”
    • Sharp communication skills in listening, courtesy, tact, and diplomacy
    • Willingness to attend monthly meetings, usually held on the second Monday of the month. The meetings typically go for
      two hours. Occasionally, a meeting is held before business hours. Before each meeting you should be prepared to read
      relevant documents so you can contribute to the meetings.
    • Willingness to serve for at least one term. Terms last for three years and are renewed in May.
    • Hunger for knowledge. Experience in bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing is helpful but not necessary. The credit union
      provides training through printed materials, group instruction, and out of state conferences. Approved travel expenses are
      covered by the credit union.

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