Did you know you can get a real-time custom mortgage rate quote right on our website? It’s available 24/7 so you don’t have to wait for a branch to be open! Pretty cool right? It also allows you to compare different products, loan terms, payments and more.
How to Get a Custom Mortgage Rate Quote:

  1. Visit ascentcu.com, click on Borrow, then click on Custom Mortgage Rate Quote
  2. Choose your loan purpose.
  3. Select your desired terms. You can select more than one option to compare the results.
  4. Enter your purchase price and down payment amount.
  5. Select the state, county and ZIP.
  6. Choose the property type and use.
  7. Select your credit score range and whether or not you are military/veteran.
  8. Click Submit.

You will be presented with a table of different product types based on the terms you chose. It will display rates, APR, points, closing fees and payment details. Once you find the product that suites you best, you can contact one of our Mortgage Experts to get you started.