A robust online business suite is at your fingertips!

In addition to the same electronic services available to all members, businesses with Business Edge Debit have access to more online tools to help with bulk transactions. These features are found within e-Branch, our online/mobile banking platform, which allows you to do just about everything you could at a branch from your computer, tablet or phone.

Getting Started

  • Follow these easy steps to get started with e-Branch
    1.  Click here to start the enrollment process.
    2.  Complete the Online Banking/e-Branch Enrollment form. Please note, the information you submit in the enrollment step must match the information we have on file for you.
    3.  Click Continue Enrollment. You should see a new screen with the words “Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in Online Banking.” Make note of your online credentials (you will need to copy or write down your temporary password).
    4.  Select Click Here to login to Online Banking/e-Branch. Each computer or mobile device you use for online banking will need a Secure Access Code. This one-time use code allows you to securely login to e-Branch. The secure access code is a six-digit number that will be delivered to you via email, phone call or SMS text (if ACU does not have your current mobile number, you will not be able to receive this code via text). Secure Access Codes, which represent the latest security technology, take place of challenge questions and personal security images. When you are presented with secure access code delivery methods, you will notice that parts of your email address and phone number will be masked by Xs. This is a security precaution and does not mean your information is incorrect. Click the delivery method you wish, wait for the code to arrive (usually within thirty seconds), enter the code in the box provided and click Submit. The code must be used within 15 minutes of receiving it, after which it will not work.
    5.  A screen will appear letting you know the access code was accepted. Next, you will be asked to choose from the following: Do Not Register Device or Register Device. Choosing Register Device authorizes ACU to store a security certificate on your computer or mobile device which will speed up the verification process in the future by eliminating the need to use a Secure Access Code on each login. Do not register the device if you are using a public computer. Please note, if you delete the security certificate or “cookie” that we’ve stored on your device, or if you request login from a computer or device that has not been registered, you will need to repeat the Secure Access Code process in the future.
    6.  Enter the Old Password, which is the temporary password you were issued during step 3.
    7.  You will be asked to create a New Password. The text on the screen will change from red to black as you meet the password criteria. After changing your password, click Submit.
    8.  Finally, please review your profile. Click Submit Profile.
    9.  Read through the Online Access Agreement and Disclosure Statement. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click I Accept.



How It Helps You

How It Works

Save Money  Saves Money

This is a free service

Save Time  Saves Time

You can access your account information at anytime, no need to visit a branch!

Convenience  Convenient

Access to payroll, tax payments and ACH invoicing

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

ACU uses the highest standard of privacy protection available, including multi-factor authentication, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and session timeouts to communicate securely

Additional Features


Access to all standard e-Branch features


Add and manage multiple users who can log in, view the account, draft payments, and authorize payments.


Send paychecks via ACH to employees.


Use over 50 tax payment forms to submit various taxes to IRS and Utah through ACH.


Draft and authorize wires directly from Business Services.


Initiate ACH payments from customers and clients.

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