Special Thanks And Recognition recipients are nominated and selected by their peers. Employees from all over the credit union submitted Spotlights on employees to highlight and congratulate each others’ accomplishments. After all nominations were totaled up, an employee from each branch was chosen to receive the S-T-A-R Awards. We are so proud to congratulate the following employees on their great efforts!

Maria Lopez – “Maria is ALWAYS on the ball; she is consistent with her service to the members and she is always willing to listen to them. Making time for them and handling any kind of situations that they may be facing. Putting in that extra effort to make the day of the members as well as her fellow employees enjoyable.”




Emma Henderson – “Emma is always helpful to co-workers.  She make an extra effort to keep them informed of things that will help them out and save time in the long run.”





Jessica Bowman – “Jessica is an outgoing individual who always seems to go above and beyond in everything she does. From her regular job duties to outreach work, she’s always putting her best foot forward​.”




Rachel Krolak – “Rachel is an awesome being.  She goes out of her way to help other departments with their workloads when she is not as busy.  She is amazingly knowledgeable about all of the innerworkings of the credit union, whether it be home banking, personal loans or where to look for information she is a rockstar!  Not to mention, how professional she is with the members on the phone”




Regan Gale – “I have witnessed Regan help our members with full attention. She has shown me several times how well she deals with tough times and stressful situations. Regan has a lot of knowledge in what she is doing, but has also shown that she is willing to learn what she needs to get the job done​.”