We offer several different credit cards with different terms, features and rewards.  Check out the information about each one below and find which one is right for you.

All of our cards are VISA Platinum cards. That means you get the free features with each card.  Here are some of the VISA Platinum features included:

  • Control how, when, where and who uses your cards with the MyCardRules app
  • Competitive, low variable rates
  • Instant issue available at all branches
  • Each card is equipped with chip-enabled technology as a security benefit. Activity is monitored for fraudulent transactions, taking a proactive step to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Do you like to carry a balance on your card? The Go2 VISA and Go2 Secured VISA offer a great card with the lowest interest rates available.

Cash Back VISA

Earn 1% of your purchases back in cash. Use your card for everyday purchases like gas, groceries, dining out, and online purchases. Whether you choose to pay off the card each month or carry a balance, you can feel comfortable knowing you have the flexibility of a competitive interest rate when you need it.

Rewards VISA

With the Rewards card, you can earn free travel rewards like airline tickets, car rentals and hotel stays.  You can also redeem points for merchandise like ITunes gift cards, golf clubs, electronics and hundreds more items.

Wildcat VISA

The Wildcat credit card is a rewards card that also helps to support the WSU Alumni Association. With every purchase, a portion of the transaction revenue is donated to the WSUAA to enhance university programs and student scholarships.  You also earn points with every purchase toward free travel and merchandise.

Rate Advantage VISA

A great, low-rate card! For those time you may need to carry a balance on your card, the Rate Advantage VISA offers members many benefits including low rates, no balance transfer fees, and fewer eligibility requirements that the Go2 card.

To check out our current rates please click HERE. For help with finding the right card or for questions, contact us.

If you know which card you’d like, you can apply online and pick it up in the branch!