The recent government shutdown had a profound affect of many of those living in our communities.
“We knew that our members who were being furloughed due to the government shut down needed financial assistance to help them navigate this difficult and stressful time,” said WSCU President and CEO Vickie van der Have.

The credit union quickly launched a low-rate Government Shutdown loan program to help those federal employee who had been furloughed. The loan was meant to ease the financial burden on families and provide some money for bills and groceries during the shutdown.

The credit union also offered affected members the use of the Skip-a-Pay program, which allowed them to skip their loan payments for a month, without charging the regular fee.
Through these assistance programs, the credit union was able to help local families by lending about $40,000 for missed paychecks, as well as allowed for over 25 loan payments to be skipped for free.