We offer auto loans for everyone and every situation.

We understand that life happens, and that’s why we don’t require a perfect credit history to get an auto loan with us. Whether you’ve had a few collections here or there, late payments or even bankruptcies, we are here to help you save money by refinancing your current auto loan to a lower interest rate.


How can we help you save money?

Our loan experts work with each of our members to ensure they get the best loan for their situation. We offer:


Quick and easy local loan decisions.  We look at your whole situation taking the positive and negative.


Rates between 2.70% and 13.99% APR*.  (Terms up to 72 months)

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No payments for 90 days


All can be done online, or you can call one of our loan experts at 801-399-9728 to discuss your options

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*Rate = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates and terms are offered O.A.C., your rate may vary based upon your credit history, Loan to Value (LTV) ratio, Debt-to-Income (DTI ratio, age and mileage of vehicle), and credit score. All rates listed are fixed APR unless otherwise denoted. All rates listed are based on best-available rates. Please contact a loan officer for more information.

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