With MyCardRules, you have the power to define when, where, and how your teen’s card is used. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can customize their card settings to not only keep them within budget, but also protect their cards from fraudulent transactions.
Here are some of the great features available through MyCardRules:

Transaction Controls: Enable or disable specific transaction types, such as online purchases, international transactions, or ATM withdrawals, based on your preferences. You have the flexibility to modify these settings instantly as needed.

Location-Based Controls: Safeguard your teen’s card by setting geographic limits. Define authorized locations where their card can be used, preventing unauthorized transactions in unfamiliar or high-risk areas.

Spending Limits: Set spending limits to manage their budget effectively. Control the maximum transaction amount or daily spending threshold.

Real-Time Alerts: Stay informed about their card activity with instant notifications. Receive alerts for card transactions, declines, and suspicious activities, empowering you to detect and address any unauthorized usage promptly.

Card Locking and Unlocking: Misplaced their card or suspect fraudulent activity? Secure their card instantly by locking it temporarily through the app. When they find their card or resolve any concerns, unlock it just as easily.

To get started with MyCardRules, visit ascentcu.com/my-card-rules/ and follow the steps to download the app and connect your teen’s card.