Pay your friend using their phone number or email address!

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of owing a friend money, but not having the cash in your wallet to pay them back. With ACU’s Send Money feature, you can pay your friend using only their phone number or email address. And the best part? It’s transferred to their account as soon as they claim it! No more having to wait 2-3 business days like with other personal payment apps. And there’s no fee. Pretty cool right?

Getting Started

  • Follow these easy steps to get started with Send Money
    1. Login to e-Branch, click on the Transactions menu on the left and then choose Send Money.
    2. Click on the Send Money button to proceed to the Terms and Conditions. After reading these, click the Agree button at the bottom.
    3. Once you have agreed, you will be taken to a screen to add your debit card information. You must have an active ACU debit card in order to use Send Money.
    4. Enter in or import your contacts from your phone with the desired recipient in the form. An email address or mobile phone number is needed.
    1. Enter in the amount of funds – up to $500 and click Continue. Confirm all information is correct and hit Submit.
    2. Moments later, the recipient receives an email or text requesting them to access a secure portal to retrieve the funds on their debit card.
    3. Funds are posted immediately to the recipients account. Funds that are not claimed are credited back to your account within seven business days.



How It Helps You

How It Works

Save Money  Saves Money

This is a free service

Save Time  Saves Time

Allows you to instantly pay back others instead of driving to an ATM to pull out cash or write a check

Convenience  Convenient

Allows you to pay others no matter where they bank

Convenience  Convenient

Funds are transferred easily in very few steps

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

Does not require either party to share account information, which keeps your sensitive information private and better protects your account

Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind

Allow you to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to enjoy a fun night out or pay someone back in a timely manner

Additional Features


Must have an active ACU Debit Card in order to use Send Money


Can send someone up to $500


Recipients have seven business days to claim payment

Even More To Love

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Choose from three types of Debit/Checking accounts to fit your lifestyle!


Access your account online and on your phone!

Ready To Start Using Send Money?

You must be enrolled in e-Branch, our online/mobile banking platform in order to use Send Money.

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